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Dance like
A Star!

Ballroom Dancesport latin &
standard classes @ schools

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Move Your Feet is the no. 1 place to go for ballroom standard & Latin dancesport classes at schools. In our Dance@school program, students Learn the cha cha, samba, jive, waltz and more to dance like a star as in 'dancing with the stars'!

Dancing improves posture, balance, coordination, rhythm, has a strong focus on teamwork, etiquette and improves self-confidence. Our classes are energetic, understandable and will guarantee your child to have a good time.

Our Dance@School program, which is specifically designed for children and teenagers from 4-14 years of age, takes Ballroom DanceSport to kindergartens, primary- and secondary schools and is an essential part of- and positively shapes the basic life fundamentals of each child. Move Your Feet was founded by Jeffrey & Eneth. They are a Dutch - Hungarian (dance)couple with more than 27 years of experience in Standard & latin DanceSport, Dutch Vice-Champions and Benelux bronze medalists and were part of an internationally renowned dancesport team, home based in Italy. Our activity enhances teamwork, discipline, etiquette, body posture and movement to music which stimulates the creative parts of the brain and challenges all senses! Doing this together with a dance partner and in a group makes it all the more fun. We work together with knowledgeable dancers and dance teachers who have an enormous passion for DanceSport. We always play the latest radiohits and we teach our students understandable choreographies. As one of few mixed sports, in which boys and girls dance together, Standard & Latin DanceSport is beautiful to watch and simply super exciting! We run small groups, from minimum 8 to a maximum of 32 students so that we can ensure a proper educational standard for each child, whether they're in it for fun or more seriously. Several times per year we organize amazing events, of which the year-end Diploma Dancing is the absolute highlight! For students with more ambition we offer the opportunity to join our DanceSport Academy and Competitive Team. Our teachers are also available for private lessons, (graduation) dance shows, dance classes for adults, wedding dances and our unique Team Up and Dance! company events. The mission of Move Your Feet is to give every child and adult the possibility to enjoy the beauty of DanceSport. Join us in the magical world of Latin and Standard DanceSport and see you soon in one of our classes!

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Cha Cha, Tango, Waltz, Samba, Rumba, Quickstep, Jive and many more. Learn to dance like a star as in 'Dancing with the Stars'. The best students can join our Cha Cha Cup!



1 hour per week during the regular school season as part of the after school activity program. Join our off-site classes to follow 2 or more lessons per week. Sign up here.



€ 12,50 / lesson (geo-location dependend). Pay by the 2nd lesson for the term in advance. Each school season has 30 lessons on average. The first lesson is a trial lesson.




After one year students can dance full choreographies for 6 dances and can earn their Newbies or Bronze Dance Diploma. They can then continue for Silver and Gold and follow up in our academy and competitive team.



Move Your Feet organizes several events per year, such as the Saturday Night Fever, Christmas Gala, Diploma Dance Event and Summer Camp. All students and parents, whether beginner or advanced, can join our events.


"I like it when my mum joins in, I can show her what to do"

Emma, year 2 (Silver) pupil

"It's so great that my son learns to develop his sense for music, movement and team work all in one class!" 

Orsolya, mother of Vince, year 3 (Gold) pupil

"Move Your Feet's dance class is very positively contributing to the self-confidence of our students and shaping their cultural development"

Britannica International School


Move Your Feet is opening in new cities throughout Europe and needs dance teachers and/or (former) dancesport athletes like you! We help you to set up, you don't need an office and you can decide the amount of classes you can handle. You get lot's of movement, fun and a great compensation. 

Our program is also ideal for also for dancers / teachers who are already teaching in other places and would like additional income. We take care of all the hassle and will help you with promotion, online presence, choreographies, music, event organisation, give you the right knowledge on how to be a successful dance teacher, event playbooks and much more. Move Your Feet will help you to kick-start a career as a DanceSport teacher in and around your own city. Within 2-4 weeks you can be up and running with virtually no costs other than time. So, don't wait any longer and start making a living out of your passion!

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Looking to add a dash of excitement and elegance to your after-school activities?

Move Your Feet is the premier provider of Ballroom DanceSport Standard & Latin classes in Europe. With a proven track record of outstanding success at numerous (international) primary schools, we are thrilled to extend our top-notch program to your school as well.

We only work with the very best local teachers who bring unparalleled excellence to every class and our outstanding references speak volumes about our commitment to quality. We are familiar with various Safeguarding protocols and are accustomed to teaching in a wide variety of spaces. From an auditorium to a gymnasium, from a classroom to a drama/theater room, and everything in between. Much is possible and everything is open for discussion. We've been igniting passion for Ballroom dance in students aged 4-14 for years and are ready to discuss how Move Your Feet can tailor our program to perfectly fit your School. Contact us today to discuss all the exciting details!

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