1. Registrations, bookings and sign-ups

Registrations, bookings and sign-ups are always to be made through our website. We cannot accept any registrations, bookings and sign-ups without a filled in and submitted registration-, contact- or booking form on our website or through the sign up portal of the schools where we teach. To sign up for school DanceSport classes, simply click the Sign up button on the top menu, select your school and follow the steps. Competition Class sign-ups can be done through our contact form and event registrations can be done through our Event registration app. For kids and youth until the age of 18 we always require a parent or carer to arrange the registration, booking or sign-up. Competition Classes can only be attended after a student has successfully completed the Bronze and Silver school DanceSport courses.

2. Fees, Payments, cancellations / absence and refunds

Fees are 3.000 ft. student per lesson. Fees are to be paid on the 2nd lesson of each term for the amount of lessons in that term. Payments can be made by wire transfer, through PayPal, by Credit Card at the DanceSport class or through TransferWise. We prefer not to accept cash payments due to guarding the safety of our teachers and the unnecessary administrative hassle that comes along with that. Due to privacy reasons, our bank details will be shared with you in the confirmation e-mail after signing up for the DanceSport class or registering for an event, through email or in person. Possible refunds will only be issued if we have received a cancellation or absence notification in written format through e-mail or text message. Without a written confirmation, possible refunds cannot be issued. Invoices will be send through e-mail or through paper invoice (country specific requirements). School DanceSport Classes and Events have different payment and cancellation policies. You can read them here below:

a) School DanceSport Classes and Competition Classes: Payments for school DanceSport classes and the competition classes are to be made per lesson and are charged each month until the 10th of the month during the running period of the class. On most international schools under the Move Your Feet school DanceSport programme, the per lesson fee is to be paid per term (2 or 3 terms per school year). We accept payments by wire transfer, credit card, through PayPal or TransferWise. All transfers are to be paid until the 10th of each month or the 2nd lesson in case a class starts half-way in the month. If a payment hasn't been received by us, we will send you a payment reminder. If after 2 reminders the payment hasn't been received by us, we may restrict the student from access to the DanceSport class. A student can join or stop one of our DanceSport classes at any time. In case a students stops during a running month and payment for that month or term has already been made, we do not give a refund. If a student is absent for 1 lesson during a month, we do not refund any fees. In case of illness or absence due to an injury which prevents the student from attending the DanceSport lessons for a duration of 2 lessons during a running month, we refund the per lesson fee from the 2nd missed lesson on. This amount will be deducted from the following month's or term's payment. Move Your Feet needs to receive an official doctors notification which clearly states that the student is advised not to take part in the school DanceSport class program due to injury or illness including the specifications of the injury or illness. If Move Your Feet has any reasonable doubts about the doctor's notification, we may choose not to issue any refund. If a student is absent due to other reasons than mentioned here before, such as family events, school events or other events, we do not refund any missed lessons (for possibilities on catch-up, see point 4 of these terms and conditions: ‘Catch-up and more classes per week - school DanceSport classes'). Absence / cancellation always needs to be communicated to us in written form via e-mail on the day of absence, as we are responsible for your child(ren) during the time of the lesson. Without a written confirmation, we cannot accept liability for anything that might happen to your child(ren) during their absence and we cannot issue any possible refund. In case of any doubt we may double check with their class teacher or you about the reason of absence. Students can follow more than 1 class per week on the school DanceSport programme simply by joining in on another class at a different day / time on another school. If a student attends 2 classes per week, fees are doubled. If a student attends 3 classes per week, fees are tripled. Etc. However, not in all countries / cities it is possible to follow more than 1 class per week as some schools do not allow students from other schools on their premises. In that case, please contact us to make an individual arrangement.


b) Events: entry fees for events are always to be paid through bank transfer, via PayPal or in cash during the regular school classes. In case of cancellation, a 50% refund of the original fee will only be issued if the cancellation has reached us via e-mail (written form) 24 hours before the event and will be made by way of deduction of the refund from next month's lesson fee or through reversal bank transfer. In case a cancellation will be made through any other medium, we cannot issue any refund. In case a cancellation reaches us via e-mail within 24 hours before the start of the event, we cannot issue any refund. We hold the right to restrict a student's access to one of our events if no payment has reached us.

3. Liability under 18

Children / Youth under 18 are under full responsibility of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). During the school dance classes, private lessons, competition class, graduation dance and events, Move Your Feet, albeit in partnership with the school and / or location where the dance lesson is being held, is responsible for the wellbeing of your child(ren). As our groups vary in size however, we cannot assume full liability for misconduct by your child(ren). If a student enters the DanceSport class for which they are signed up after the start of the class or if they (have to) leave the class before the class has ended, we cannot assume liability during the timeframe they were not present in the class. It is the class teacher's or the parent's / carer's responsibility to ensure the student arrives on time and in good wellbeing in our DanceSport class. If a student enters the DanceSport class later or (has to) leave before the class has ended, we need a written confirmation from (one of) the parent(s) / carer(s) via e-mail or SMS. Without a written confirmation, we cannot be held responsible for any difference of opinion whether or not the child was present in the dance class during potential absence, whether or not unnoticed by the parent(s) / carer(s). Sign-up for children and youth always needs to be done by a parent / carer.​

4. Catch-up and more classes per week

In case of absence on the school DanceSport programme, a student can always follow a dance lesson on one of the other schools where we teach on any other day of the week equivalent to the amount of lessons a student was absent. As we teach on a multitude of schools, on different hours of each day of the week, there are always opportunities to follow an extra class and students will never have to miss a lesson. If a student would like to follow more than one class per week, simply join in on another school. If a student attends 2 classes per week (see Point 2 of these Terms and Conditions for Payment on attending more classes per week). If a student attends 2 classes per week, fees are doubled. If a student attends 3 classes per week, fees are tripled. Etc. However, not in all countries / cities it is possible to follow more than 1 class per week as some schools do not allow students from other schools on their premises. In that case, please contact us to make an individual arrangement.


5. Dress Code

a) School DanceSport Classes: For school DanceSport classes we do not request any specific dress-code, other than the dress-code as is in place on the school where we teach. From the 2nd year of dance lessons, you could consider to invest in a pair of dance shoes for your child(ren).


b) Competition Classes and Events:

Boys / Gentlemen: dark colored neat looking trouser (don't forget the dark colored socks) with a dress-shirt or polo-shirt. A vest, spencer or v-neck sweater are good options to complement the look. Shoes should be neat looking men's shoes, dark colored, or dance shoes for the ones who have those.

Girls / Ladies: a long, knee-length (for standard) or short skirt (for Latin-American. But no mini-skirts!) with a matching top with long, half-long sleeves or short sleeves. A vest can complement the look. We suggest ballerina shoes (which you can buy in any shoe shop) which haven't been worn on the street or dance shoes for the ones who have those.

6. Code of Conduct

Our DanceSport classes are conducted by dance teachers who are highly experienced in dancesport and will always ensure to create a positive and fun environment of dance teaching in which all students will prosper and develop team-working skills. We support and reiterate the Code of Conduct as is in place on the location where Move Your Feet is present. If a student misbehaves, we will always first talk with the student or in case of minors to the parent(s) / legal guardian(s) and if we believe necessary the minor's school teacher or leadership. If a student shows repetitive misbehavior, we will restrict the student’s access to the DanceSport class. Discipline, etiquette, teamwork, fair play and a fun environment for and by all our students are of utmost importance to us.


7. Diploma & Events

We organize several events throughout the year for all students in our school DanceSport classes, i.e.: Saturday Night Fever, Christmas Gala, Diploma Dance Event (dance test & certification) and Summer Camp. For each event we ask an entry fee. We always communicate about these events through our website, our teachers, via e-mail and our social media channels and well in advance. Registration for events can be done through our website, via text message, in response to our e-mail event notifications or through our social media event registration possibilities.

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